That Unique Connection…

At Profilbureauet, we offer innovative and tailor made marketing products that reinforce and enhance company messages and brand identities. We are truly passionate about developing products that create that unique connection between our customers and their recipients when communicating.

This is not simply adding a logo to a pen, to a collecting can, to a ceramic cup or any other product. It is designing customised and long-lasting products that tell the exact story for the recipient to experience. That pen, collecting can or ceramic cup is an extension of a company’s identity, brand and its products.

The unique brands that we work with, calls for unique products. We are dedicated to develop products that stand out and reflect exactly what our customers would like to communicate. Products that have purpose and add meaning to the brand or company.

We work with sustainability in a serious and knowledge-based way. We seek the best solutions material and production-wise and aim to prevent the contra-productive greenwashing. Since the beginning of Profilbureauet we have focused on corporate social responsibility, which we think naturally goes hand in hand with doing business globally. We take care and responsibility that our supply chain provides quality social and environmental working conditions. We are members of Amfori/BSCI and work for sustainable trade globally in respect for people and our planet.

Thought out and respectful solutions from A to Z.

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Our Work

We would love to provide you with a great solution tailored to your needs!

Each one of our projects are unique, and the design, production and delivery processes are different, but our methodology is the same. We focus on the individual needs of the individual customer projects, working with their strategies for targeting their audience, within the expectations of budget and delivery timeframe.

At Our Best

Corporate – or product branding

This is all about being consistent in the company’s visual profile (internally and externally) to create the necessary relationship with your customers. This can be achieved through office supplies, general products for internal or external use, or pure marketing products for external use.


Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

It’s all about presenting your brand or product!

Action Incentives

It might be desirable for a company to have products that help the receiver to take some sort of action. We call this group of products for “action incentives”. The purpose of these products can be to buy, to sign up, or to use/not use.


This is a market opportunity for some brands, in that additional products are branded such that they either directly create additional revenue as a sales object, or they are perceived as additional value by the customer in a sales campaign.


Uniform clothing, consistent with the company brand, is beneficial for some companies. The need for this may arise in relation to conferences, campaigns or internal activities. Sponsorship clothing is a part of this activity. Clothing can be made as a tailormade production or it can purchased from stock and branded accordingly.

Profilbureauet is very happy to be distributor of the amazing textile brand NEUTRAL – Certified Responsibility – a brand that not only represents outstanding styles but is certified in any possible way in order to ensure that the product you get has been produced according to the absolute highest ethical and environmental standards with certificates covering every single part of the production process.


Meet The Team

Victoria Münster Vengsgaard

Purchasing Assistant
M: +45 61 45 80 05
T: +45 88 13 61 81




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