Profilbureauet operates according to a set of values that are enshrined in a UN-initiative where we as a company supports the 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption – 10 principles that form the UN global Compact. Profilbureauet is founded upon and works according to these principles that are implemented in practice.

Specifically, it is for us to require suppliers to respect human and labor rights, to work with suppliers to improve social and environmental conditions, to work systematically with environmental and climate management, to work to improve employee relations and working conditions within the company and to develop new products with a social or environmental dimension.

Profilbureauet carefully selects their partners according to the set of values, on which the company is based and we work very closely with selected suppliers. Profilbureauet’s representatives visit their partners in the Far East regularly and Profilbureauet can always take the initiative to undergo audits at production sites and certifications of products according to customer’s wishes.