That Unique Connection…

At Profilbureauet, we offer innovative and tailor made marketing products that reinforce and enhance company messages and brand identities. We are passionate about developing products that create that unique connection between our customers and their recipients when communicating.

And this is not about simply adding a logo to a pen, to a collecting can, to a ceramic cup or any other product,  it is about designing customised products that tell the exact story for the recipient to experience. That pen, collecting can or ceramic cup is an extension of a company’s identity, brand and its products.

The unique brands that we work with, calls for unique products. We are dedicated to developing products that stand out and reflect exactly what our customers would like to communicate.

Right from the beginning, we at Profilbureauet have been focused on corporate social responsibility, which we think naturally goes hand in hand with doing business globally. We take care and responsibility that our supply change provide quality social and environmental working conditions.
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Film – How we work – Case Study with Joe and the Juice

Our Work

We would love to provide you with a great solution tailored to your needs!

Each one of our projects are unique, and the design, production and delivery processes are different, but our methodology is the same. We focus on the individual needs of the individual customer projects, working with their strategies for targeting their audience, within the expectations of budget and delivery timeframe.

At Our Best

Corporate – or product branding

This is all about being consistent in the company’s visual profile (internally and externally) to create the necessary relationship with your customers. This can be achieved through office supplies, general products for internal or external use, or pure marketing products for external use.


Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use.

It’s all about presenting your brand or product!

Action Incentives

It might be desirable for a company to have products that help the receiver to take some sort of action. We call this group of products for “action incentives”. The purpose of these products can be to buy, to sign up, or to use/not use.


This is a market opportunity for some brands, in that additional products are branded such that they either directly create additional revenue as a sales object, or they are perceived as additional value by the customer in a sales campaign.


Uniform clothing, consistent with the company brand, is beneficial for some companies. The need for this may arise in relation to conferences, campaigns or internal activities. Sponsorship clothing is a part of this activity. Clothing can be made as a tailormade production or it can purchased from stock and branded accordingly.

Profilbureauet is very happy to be distributor of the amazing textile brand NEUTRAL – Certified Responsibility – a brand that not only represents outstanding styles but is certified in any possible way in order to ensure that the product you get has been produced according to the absolute highest ethical and environmental standards with certificates covering every single part of the production process.

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| Vi leder efter en ny kollega med flair for tal til Profilbureauets kontor i Charlottenlund | Vi søger en energisk og udadvendt kollega inden…


Konsulent med erfaring inden for salg

| Vi leder efter en ny kollega til Profilbureauets kontor i Charlottenlund | Er du vores nye konsulent med masser af erfaring inden for salg…


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Profilbureauet A/S

Profilbureauet was founded in 2005 by Mads Parnam and Hanne Barstad. Profilbureauet is a norwegian owned company but with offices in both Oslo (NO) and Copenhagen (DK). Profilbureauet works with communication within the boundaries of advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing. Profilbureauet offers creative, new and original marketing with specially designed and produced products as medium - products that are used again and again by the receiver.
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S2 weeks ago
Om lidt går Profilbureauet glade og mætte på weekend efter påskefrokost og Easter egg hunt på kontoret - her er en del af fangsten 🐣
Vi er tilbage mandag, tirsdag og onsdag i næste uge. God ferie til alle, der går på ferie fra i dag.
God weekend fra Profilbureauet
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S1 month ago
Tillykke med dagens landsindsamling til Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, der havde 20.000 frivillige indsamlere på gaden i dag med nye indsamlingsbøsser og stofposer. 14 mill 💪🏼
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S1 month ago
Der er ikke ret meget, der slår kombinationen af fredag og blå himmel i denne kaliber. Og slet ikke i marts. Det er vi blevet enige om i Profilbureauet her til morgen.
God weekend fra glade mennesker, der frem til i eftermiddag har travlt med specialproducerede kampagneelementer ☀️
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S2 months ago
Vi nærmer os med små skridt sæsonen for solbriller og solcreme...
Vi ønsker alle en dejlig første forårsdag og håber at varmen snart følger med kalenderen ☀️
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S2 months ago
❤ Happy Valentines - remember that love is an all year round thing❤
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S2 months ago
Husk Folkekirkens Nødhjælps landsindsamling 12. marts - man kan stadig nå at tilmelde sig! Tag godt i mod de frivillige indsamlere med spritnye genanvendelige indsamlingsbøsser #gørenverdentilforskel #landsindsamling17
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S3 months ago
Vi mangler en kollega med sans for tal, der kunne tænke sig at arbejde deltid i vores hyggelige kontor i Charlottenlund
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S3 months ago
Vi søger ny kollega med speciale i salg til Profilbureauets kontor i Charlottenlund
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S3 months ago
Her er stille på kontoret. De fleste er på messe og kigger efter idéer til vores kunder. Vi udvikler specialproducerede kampagneelementer, og de elementer skal ud og arbejde og fortælle vores kunders fantastiske historier. #ananasiegenjuiceopslagstavle #instagram #producedbyprofilbureauet
Profilbureauet A/S
Profilbureauet A/S4 months ago
New Year ✨ New book full of blank pages. We are so ready to start writing the book of 2017....but coffee first ☕️